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BeeLine Reader makes reading faster and easier by using a color gradient that guides your eyes from the end of one line to the beginning of the next. With BeeLine Reader, you can finish your work faster—and with less eyestrain.

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Ever wonder why stop lights use colors and not words? It's because the human brain processes color very quickly—much more quickly than it can process words. BeeLine Reader uses the same principle to make reading easier and faster. With BeeLine Reader, the color of the text guides your eye across and between lines, eliminating "line transition errors" (accidentally skipping or repeating lines) and making reading faster, easier and more efficient.

BeeLine Reader is helpful for readers of all levels—from young readers to graduate students and beyond. Readers with dyslexia, ADD, and vision difficulties reap some of the largest benefits from BeeLine Reader, with speed increases that can top 50%. How much will BeeLine Reader help you? Try the BeeLine Reading Challenge and find out!

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Want to read ebooks with BeeLine? Any ebook you buy from Amazon or borrow using OverDrive you can read with BeeLine. Just install BeeLine in your desktop browser and it will color any Amazon or OverDrive book you read. The BeeLine browser plugin will automatically color the text as you turn the page!

You can also read ebooks—even on mobile—using BeeLine by converting them into colored books using our PDF converter. Check out our instructional video.

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Read the web with ease using the BeeLine mobile apps and desktop browser plugins

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Take the Beeline Reading Challenge and find out how much BeeLine Reader can help you!

Over 15,000 people have taken the challenge, and BeeLine makes reading easier for over 85% of them. The average reading speed increase is 20%—how much will it increase your speed? Don’t forget to share your score on Facebook and Twitter!

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Got PDFs? Read ’em with BeeLine!

The BeeLine PDF Converter makes hard-to-read PDFs (you know, the ones with tiny text and single spacing) more reader-friendly. BeeLine’s color gradients guide your eyes even through the most labyrinthine PDFs!

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BeeLine any text using our Pasteboard.

Copy any text from a Word doc, email, or other source, and paste it in. It’s that easy!

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The Team

Executive Team

We have a passion for reading, education, and technology. We created BeeLine Reader to help make reading easier for people of all ages and skill levels. When we’re not busy building more cool products for you, we can be found at hackathons, education conferences, and optometric conferences.


Nick Lum


Andrew Cantino

Advisory Board

Glen Thomas

Former California Secretary of Education and Education Technology Director

K. David Harrison

Chair of Linguistics and Cognitive Science departments, Swarthmore College

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