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For the best user experience, try out our Chrome and Firefox plugins. These support fully customizable colors, multiple font sizes, and faster coloring. For other browsers, you can use our flexible bookmarklets, below.


To install on an iPad or iPhone, tap here.

To install in Safari, Firefox, IE, or another desktop browser, drag the button for the color scheme of your choice to your Bookmarks Bar. To use, just click on it! This bookmarklet works best on text-heavy pages such as news articles or Wikipedia pages.

Regular Bookmarklets

BeeLine! BeeLine! BeeLine! BeeLine! BeeLine!

OpenDyslexic Bookmarklets

In addition to our regular bookmarklets, we also have bookmarklets that use the OpenDyslexic font for even easier readability.

BeeLine! BeeLine! BeeLine! BeeLine! BeeLine!

Displaying the Bookmark Bar

Some browsers hide the bookmark bar by default. To display the bookmark bar, follow these instructions:

General Information

The BeeLine bookmarklets are optimized for Firefox. We've tested it in Chrome and Safari also, and we'll release a new version as soon as it's ready. In the meantime, enjoy the beta and let us know how we can make BeeLine better!

The BeeLine bookmarklets and extensions are in beta, and they may only be used for personal, non-commercial use. These beta versions will be available for a limited time and are subject to our privacy policy.

The BeeLine bookmarklets are built on the Readability webpage-parsing technology.

To install on an iPad or iPhone...

Installation on iOS is a multistep process. First we need to create a bookmark, and then we need to edit it to use the bookmarklet code.

  1. Choose a bookmarklet
  2. Copy the bookmarklet code
    Tap inside the following field once, then tap and hold, then tap Select All, and then tap Copy.
  3. Create the bookmark
    1. Tap the Share a2832543bb8eebf44e10647633758c3bb3656be8f6d2ae14a543a81f6bd590fd button.
    2. Tap the Bookmark button.
    3. Tap Save.
  4. Edit the bookmark
    1. Open your bookmarks by tapping Bookmarks c48dce8858da0778d4ebf1c3f30f6c6888cfe663bb8816eba8379ba00f9d3376.
    2. Tap Edit on the bottom left.
    3. Tap the "BeeLine It!" bookmark.
    4. Tap in the address field (right below the "BeeLine It!" text) and clear it by tapping the "X" on the right.
    5. Tap once more in the now-empty address field, and tap Paste.
    6. Tap Done, Done and Done.
To use the bookmarklet, open your bookmarks on a text heavy page and tap "BeeLine It!"

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