BeeLine Reader Referral Bonus Program

BeeLine Reader now offers a referral program for our browser plugins for Chrome and Firefox. By referring friends, you can get free access to BeeLine tools!

To refer a friend, just have them enter your email address in the referral text box when they sign up for BeeLine. When they do, we’ll send you an email with your free bonus details.

Free Bonus

When you refer a friend, you can get a free browser registration added to your BeeLine account. This referral bonus is available for your first 3 referrals. We will send you an email confirming this referral bonus each time, and we’ll include a link that you can use to register your new browser.

After you have referred 3 friends, you can then earn a free year of BeeLine! Just complete 4 more referrals, and you’ll get your next year of BeeLine for free. When you accomplish this, you will receive a personal thank-you email from the founder of BeeLine Reader, thanking you for your support. Your free year of BeeLine will start on the date of your next invoice


This program is open to existing subscribers of the BeeLine Reader browser plugins for Chrome or Firefox, except business or governmental customers. Bonus browser registrations must be used on computers owned by the referring BeeLine subscriber, or immediate family members. Account cancellations by referred users may result in the reversal of associated referral benefits, and suspicious referral/cancellation activities can result in your benefits being suspended or your account being closed.

We have just launched this referral program and look forward to adding new benefits as time goes on. We reserve the right to modify this program in the future. If you have any questions, please email us.